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Offering TRADIA quality for customers overseas

TRADIA has set up bases overseas that offer services to our customers abroad. Our residential representatives, stationed at our local joint ventures and agencies, provide meticulous support for customers. We will live up to your expectations when entrusting your precious overseas cargo with us.

India China Hong Kong/South china Thailand Indonesia Vietnam
Agency with our representatives OMTRANS Logistics Ltd.
Lines of business Total logistics service
Bases More than 400 sites at ports and inland
(total of OM GROUP)

OMTRANS is the international logistics division of OM Logistics Group, one of the leading logistics company in India. OMTRANS takes advantage of more than 400 bases and inland transport network which OM Logistics has set up in India, to offer their own warehouses, customs clearance, and truck delivery services from major ports in the country. The company works as a bridge between the vast territory of India and the outside world, and support customers' supply chains. OMTRANS has also set up joint ventures with us in India (OMTRAX) and China (JC-OMTrax) to operate logistics business in one united body. OMTRANS and TRADIA have also developped a shared network to help our customers trade, not only between Japan and India but also to and from third party countries, such as Thailand, China, and Indonesia.

Joint venture company OMTRAX Packaging Solutions Ltd.
Lines of business Supply of packaging materials, packaging work, handling of heavy cargos, such as plant and machinery, office relocation service, etc. (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001 obtained)
Bases New Deli, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata

OMTRAX Packaging Solutions is a joint venture founded in 2007 by OM Logistics Group and TRADIA. the company provides services incidental to transportation, such as procurement of packaging materials, packaging work service, and loading and unloading of plant and heavy machinery, to support safe delivery and storage of freight. In alliance with OM Logitics for domestic transport and storage services in India, and with OMTRANS-TRADIA for int'l transport services, it offers integrated logistics service.

Our total logistics support in India

Together with the above two companies, our partners with a thorough knowledge of the transportation business in the country, and in perfect collaboration with our representatives based in Deli and Chennai, TRADIA offers a high-quality local network for Japanese customers. Such high-quality services include

Advice about complex customs clearance practices such as tariff system and necessary documents, and about preparations that must be performed before importing or exporting goods

Integrated operation for the entire process of shipping cargos from India, from packaging through customs clearance to loading

Complete support for transporting plant equipment and other heavyweight facilities in India until they are set up temporarily

Joint venture JC-OMTrax Int'l Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Lines of business Freight Forwarding

This joint venture company was set up by three entities, OMGROUP, an Indian company, Shanghai Jin Jiang Group, a major state-owned enterprise in China, and TRADIA. As one of TRADIA’s bases in China, they are working to expand and develop transport business not only between Japan and China but also with third party countries, especially India, and develop domestic logistics services in China.

TRADIA offers even more possibilities

TRADIA offers import and export services at inland ports along the Yangtze. Barges are employed as they help reduce domestic transport expenses and are environment-friendly as a means of transportation. TRADIA has set up major agencies in cities along the river (Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei, Chongqing, etc.) and offers direct services to Taicang, Nantong, Zhangjiagang, and Nanjing..

We also provide advice for effective use of Logistics Zones, and support for sales and marketing in China.

In addition, we have a buyer consolidation service to offer for imports of apparel products and machine parts. For cargo that needs to be delivered with a short lead time, we also offer hot delivery services (HDS), three services per week from Shanghai to Tokyo, one service per week to Nagoya and four service per week to Osaka. We have residential representatives posted in Qingdao, our strategic base for logistics in North China.

Hong Kong/South China
Lines of business International multimodal transport

In China, a country with a vast territory, the southern region has quite a different type of market and different business practices from East China. TRADIA has Japanese representatives residing in the region to offer advice about local practices of customs clearance, and local staff familiar with forwarding work to satisfy a diverse range of customers ’ needs, including third party logistics (3PL). Our air cargo transportation service also enjoys a good reputation with customers.

Hong Kong/South china

The firm relationships which we have long maintained with major shipping companies here enable us to respond flexibly to urgent shipments and offer customers a long period of free time for the shipments from Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Taking advantage of our (SEA UNION-TRADIA) own consolidation service, we gurantee smooth shipment to and from cities in the Pearl River Delta.

Agency with our representatives HANDLE INTER CONSOLIDATION CO., LTD.
Lines of business Freight Forwarding

To meet needs of customers considering cross trade mainly in Asia, a type of international trade that has been rapidly growing in recent years, TRADIA has again, in 2011, posted Japanese representatives in Thailand to offer transportation support in the country. Our representative are focused on the handling of shipments from Thailand to India, China, and other ASEAN countries, as well as logistics between Thailand - the gateway to the Mekong Delta region - and Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Agency with our representatives PT. KURHANZ TRANS
Lines of Business Total logistics services, Consolidation services
Bases Jakarta, Surabaya, CDP

PT. Kurhanz Trans is one of the most important partners and they will design your logistics in Indonesia in alliance with us.

PT. Kurhanz Trans which was established in 2000. They have specialties in the handling of customs clearance, hand carry, trucking, IOR/EOR, project cargo besides ordinary ocean & air freight forwarding and they have considerable experiences handling NATIONAL STRATEGIC PROJECT, is worthy of mention.

Lines of Business Total logistics services, Consolidation services (both EXP and IMP)
Bases Hochiminh, Haiphong

TRALINKS is a joint venture company newly established in 2017 with our partner in Vietnam, Worldwide Links Co., Ltd. We have sent representatives to Hochiminh and Haiphong offices to meet the growing customer's demands. We are very confident of providing various and suitable services across the nation in Vietnam with satisfaction guaranteed. Just try our services first.