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Act as an interface between Japan and the World
We, Tradia Corporation have developed our business by integrating internal logistics services such as ports and harbor transporting, customs brokerage, warehousing, and domestic distribution, and also international forwarding services that takes advantage of a worldwide network, based on our company mission, “making a positive contribution to global life and industry through international transport”. Logistical situations are changing rapidly and so globalization and diversity in our industry field will keep accelerating. Tradia Corporation shall create innovative logistics services as an international freight forwarder to respond to customers' needs and requests by our comprehensive perspective and simplifying the complex logistics.

president Katsuhide Furugori

Company name message

The term TRADIA is a combination of TRADE (trade and commerce) and IDEA (ideal, philosophy, idea).
We expressed our desire to pursue our own ideal from the viewpoint of trading and international freight forwarding in Japan as a trading nation. In the six letters of TRADIA. four soaring seagulls are illustrated. This indicates the ″ocean″ and "sky″as our field of activities, and at the same time expresses our passion and dynamism flying freely by utilizing our imagination.

Company mission

Making a positive contribution to global life and industry 
through international transport.

This essentially expresses the fundamental spirit of our business activities, e.g., goals of our business. Our field of activity is in the international freight forwarding business. Material flow physical distribution means movement of goods that occurs from commercial and trading activities, by which we strive for abundance and convenience of human life. Progress of information technology in society does not keep us alive without freight forwarding. The freight forwarding business comprises the fundamental of industries and human life. Speed, reliability and cost are the most important aspects for freight forwarding activities. To meet these requirements, it is necessary to properly judge the environment of freight forwarding, procedures and technology, and take proper actions. We will satisfy your expectations by arranging the optimal requirements of freight forwarding and contribute to industries and human life in the world through daily activities.

Management concept/Standard of conduct

Management policy

To provide value-added service by solving customers' problems
Customers have problems in freight forwarding. Our responsibilities are to help solve such problems, e.g., what to do to move things promptly, surely and in an economic manner. We submit our proposal in a professional manner and carry it out. We will constantly meet the expectations of our customers as a business entity to provide service that best benefits them.
To strengthen the management infrastructure to enhance our presence
The management infrastructure indicates the fundamentals of human resources and organization, as well as the operational infrastructure. We have to strengthen and enhance these fundamentals. By strengthening these fundamentals, we aim at becoming a company with a presence that is indispensable for the related parties.
To create a lively and rewarding workplace for employees
A company is a place of self-fulfillment for employees. We create a workplace where everyone works actively and is able to accomplish their performance with high job satisfaction.

Standard of conduct

To tackle jobs with pride and enthusiasm
Our jobs are essential for society. We believe that it is necessary for us to recognize the consciousness and attractiveness of our own jobs and tackle them with ″pride and enthusiasm.″
To cope with changes in a timely and flexible manner
The environment surrounding us is changing every moment over time. We have to properly understand and forecast the needs of the times and flexibly cope with changes.
To act in a creative and progressive manner
To be ”creative″means to constantly create new things, and to be "progressive" means to think and act before others do. We hope to take actions with perseverance instead of being bound by existing methods or past customs.